Our classes are suitable for people who have dogs 12 months and over and who have never done agility before, or those who have agility trained dogs and would like to continue their training to achieve success in competition.


However, you should be able to do this list of things with young or old dogs before training with us 


Temperament  (most important) 

Dogs must be able to mix with people and other dogs without causing a problem



Your dog should respond to name and offer eye contact



Dog will come when called 



You should be able to touch, stroke, physically lift and manoeuvre your dog 


Health and Fitness 

At Paddywack we always consider the dogs safety. If your dog is overweight or a very large breed, they may not be suitable for agility training.


Other desirable skills (these will be worked on in class)



Dog can be left in sit, stand or down position untill released



Dog sits or drops on command


Play drive

Dog will play with handler and toy around agility equipment without getting on obstacles


Food drive

Dog takes food when offered



Dog will bring back a toy

(not necessarily deliver to hand)



Dog can be sent to a target on the ground


Directional commands

Dog will move to left or right on command








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