Running their dog in competition is the main reason many people do agility. At Paddywack we don't expect that all our dogs and handlers will compete but we train all the dogs to the same standard, & will encourage you to compete when ready.


Types of Show

There are 3 types agility show , Unaffiliated / Independant shows, Organisation run shows & Kennel Club licenced shows. 


Independent shows

Run by clubs or individuals  e.g The Chertsey Show, Pachesham, FAB or JFS, shows - No membership is required & each show will have its own rules & class eligibility.


Organisation run shows

e.g. UK Agility, BAA,  

These have their own rules, scoring and progression grades.

Membership is usually required and your dog needs to be officially measured. Progression up the grades is achieved by gaining points.


Kennel Club licenced shows.

The dogs need to be registered with the Kennel Club, either on the breed register or, if they don't have a pedigree number, on the activity register. They also need to be officially measured before they compete. Progression is achieved by winning classes or by gaining points (up to grade 4) 


All organisers of shows usually advertise in the show diary on the Agility Net website:-  www.agilitynet.co.uk or on one of the sites where you can enter on-line 

www.agilityshows.online, firstplaceprocessing.com,

www.agilityaid.co.uk  or on the organisers websites.

Ask your trainers for help entering shows.


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