Paddywack agility training was started in 2008 by Mariann Wilson & Fran Shuttleworth. Mariann left to return to South Africa in 2009, and the club has been run by Fran up to Dec 2016 when she retired. Paddywack is now run by the 2 main trainers Pia Glover and Heather Draper.  


Agility is a fun sport that is becoming ever more popular.

It is also a competitive sport that tests a person's skills in training and handling dogs over an obstacle course. 


Learning to be a handler and training your dog can be demanding. However, at Paddywack, the key word is "Fun"

We want it to be fun for you and fun for your faithful friend


There are experienced trainers who teach using positive methods that can be applied to all breeds. Through patience, demonstration and instruction we will help you and your dog achieve success


We run weekly classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced groups and have enough space for two stations of equipment layout so everyone can enjoy two different challenges during a class


So if you would like to compete, or if you just want to enjoy working your dog, Paddywack Dog Training offers the perfect environment.

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