Agility  - The Benefits

Agility is a great exercise for your dog

Agility is a great way to get rid of your dog's excess energy. Running through a course that involves passing over and through a variety of obstacles will challenge your dog's mind and body. It will also help to strengthen their muscles, improve co-ordination, keep your dog fit and increase endurance.


Agility helps you keep in shape too!

As the handler, you will be running alongside your dog, directing them to soar over jumps, weave round poles and find confidence to go through tunnels. While you and your dog compete, you will be treating yourself to a bit of a work out too!


Agility helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog

Dogs could not compete without the help of their handler as they rely on verbal and hand instructions to help navigate the course. Therefore the trust and communication between dog and owner increases.  It reinforces basic obedience commands and can help improve a dogs overall behaviour and confidence.


Paddywack offers small group training in agility

All our classes use a level system so you work at your own pace and graduate to the next level only when you and your dog are ready to move up.

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